Test for a knitted film  

The knit film, “untitled test”, is a long-term project in which I am collaborating with a knitwear factory to translate a film into a knitted piece. This piece represents a proof of concept for the film, demonstrating the animated knit technique.

Digital technology has replaced celluloid as our primary medium for storing cinematic images. Digital technology has also opened up possibilities in manufacturing of clothing and textiles which did not exist even 20 years ago. By knitting a film, one frame at a time, I am celebrating our technology’s new capabilities, our knitting craftsmen’s newest incarnation, and questioning the tangible aspects of film. Is the medium of the film equal to the content? Textile based imagery is older than celluloid yet this project could not exist without digital technology moving film beyond celluloid. So is this cutting edge or old fashioned? Like all my work, its a merging of the oldest crafts and the newest technologies to help us imagine new crafts from our old technologies.

The Context

Short Biography